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Merlin AuctionMagic 8.2

Merlin AuctionMagic is an auction tracker and manager for Windows
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Merlin AuctionMagic is an auction tracker and manager for Windows. After trying several applications of this kind, I found that they all look very similar to each other, and that it is their underlying features that set them apart.

Merlin AuctionMagic has the base set of features that you would expect to find in an application like this. You can add your eBay auctions and track them over time and you can use the program to snipe your auctions. Sniping is bidding at the last possible minute so that no one else can bid after you. It usually works unless there is a bunch of snipers at the same auction.

By default, the first option to add auctions to the interface is by typing the auction number. But the application has a nice feature which automatically adds an auction when it detects an eBay URL in the clipboard. It doesn't matter if it comes from your web browser or an e-mail. AuctionMagic also allows you to determine its sniping behavior by specifying certain conditions.

There are two other features I like. First, this program allows you to send yourself e-mail notifications about the status of your auctions. You can even have the application text you the results. And the other one is the fact that you can back up and restore your auctions at any time, which can even be done automatically.

José Fernández
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  • It seems to do a good job at detecting auction IDs
  • I like the interface. It is simple and to the point


  • Sniping could be more customizable
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